I see you

I see you little girl, crouched on the floor in the duck and cover position.  A tiny ball, hands clasped over your ears, shielding your face from unwanted attention.  Your muscles flex with all their might so that if a giant were to lift you by the scruff of your neck, your body would remain rigid, as if cast in stone.  That holding, that bracing, that attempt to self-protect served a purpose at one point in your life.

But now, here you remain cowering, yet bravely enduring what you don’t understand.  Fearful of others; avoiding their judgements, anger and violence thinking it is somehow your fault and therefore within your control.  But little girl, you don’t understand that it is not your errors that trigger the emotional shrapnel that flies from these others in all directions.  You just happen to be in the vicinity.

I see you little girl and I need you to hear me.  You are safe now.  I will not let anyone hurt you any longer.  I will care for you and watch over you while you sleep, smile at you while you play and feel joy.  Because you are entitled to play and feel joy.  It is your right. I know it will take time and some coaxing, but I will be patient and wait.

I will repeat myself until we have the trust needed to stretch your arms away from your ears, up toward the sun.  You will lengthen your neck, vertebrae by vertebrae and turn your head to look skyward.  Your muscles will uncoil and your back will extend.  Your core will find the power to lift your shoulders upright.  And then you will sit strong and peaceful, perched on your knees getting use your new vantage point.

With more time and my encouragement you will find your feet, your muscles and bone will slide over each other, and you will find yourself upright and be astonished by how tall, strong and truly beautiful you have become.

All in your own time…and I will be here when you are ready.  I will be here when you are not.  One day you will see the world without pain reminding you of the past.  One day you will feel joy and freedom to play, one day, my sweet little girl.



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