I started this writing project as a piece of my therapy. For 38 years, I’ve struggled with showing up and being present. Through childhood trauma, adaptations to survive and living in a mostly autopilot state of overactive adrenals, it was time to get off the giant hamster wheel of anxiety. In a state of exhaustion, my body finally said “no more” with the onset of migraines, increasing chronic pain, depression and anxiety. I recently and finally found the courage to stop, to honour what was being said. As I continue to sift through old constructs of self and ego, with each word I shed another constricting layer and emerge more authentic in my wholeness. Each post is a chapter, a dedication to acknowledge my growth in self-compassion and it is not a linear journey. I travel to all compass points (often in a single post) as I try to find my way to beingness. Thank you for bearing witness to my vulnerability.