Life lesson from my toilet

Toilet metaphor. (Of course the toilet isn’t working right now!!)

The toilet isn’t flushing properly and there is gurgling coming from the bowl. Little air bubbles coming in like a serenity fountain. What’s not so serene, other than the fact it’s a toilet, is the water continues to run with a thump in the pipes every minute or so. Quite disconcerting if not completely annoying.

My first response is to push the flush buttons mindlessly to elicit the desired response-which doesn’t work. I then go to the water source and cut it off-creating a new agitated thumping noise as if the water pipe is protesting this action…”I am not the problem” it groans, shaking violently (for a water pipe).

After a few days of this I re-address the situation and listen carefully. There is also a click under the lid of the tank-subtle and quiet, deep inside the heart of the toilet-you have to listen carefully to catch it. When I remove the lid I see the problem. Such a simple thing. The two prongs that run from the flush buttons (one and two-little flush/big flush-depending on your business) have been misaligned-rotated so they are no longer touching the flush mechanism within the tank. One was continually placing pressure and allowing the water to continue running whilst simultaneously allowing air to seep into the system. Such a simple fix! I rotated the prongs ever so slightly, replaced the lid and voila!

I am so use to things being so GD difficult lately, I felt like this was a real win today. Fixable and done…and when this happens again…I will know how to fix it, sooner. Because most problems do happen again. Just because they are fixed once doesn’t mean they are forever fixed. Hell, I may need to replace the entire toilet some day but this is also fixable and a different metaphor I am not prepared to tackle at this time. But here it is in all its glory…in order to flush the toxic shit away from you, you must make sure the internal workings are all aligned and allowed to do their jobs.



  1. Those push-button valves are always a tough nut to keep going. You can buy a replacement kit if needed.

    We had a tree in our front yard that had roots that would plug up our sewer line about twice a year. We learned that a week or so before the plug – our dog would start barking at the toilet. I guess there were subtle gurgling sounds we couldn’t hear. So when the dog would bark, we’d call the plumber to clear the lines.

    Thanks for sharing.


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